The eye has been called the "window to the soul". As an Iridologist I believe this to be absolutely true. Iridology is not a diagnostic tool as viewed by traditional medicine, as it does not determine diseased states or determine health conditions. What it does do is gives us insight to our hereditary strengths and weaknesses. The signs that iridologist see in the eye are there because we inherit those weakened signs from our parents, grand-parents and great-grandparents.

An iridology reading is useful to help us to live a lifestyle of nutrition that allows us to strengthen the weaknesses we were born with to evade poor health and to strengthen the health of our children and grandchildren.

With an Iridology appointment, we will take your eye pictures, lay an iridology grid over your pictures and then discuss the hereditary patterns shown.

I will also take sclera pictures of your eye. Sclera (whites) of your eye gives very accurate details to how your current lifestyle and diet are effecting your health. Together with Iridology, you will have a detailed view of measures you can take to enjoy a long healthy life.

If you are out of my area but would like to find a competent Certified Comprehensive Iridologist in your area, please visit the International Iridology Practitioners' Association website for a list of Certified Iridologist.

An Iridology Analysis is included in a Naturopathic Assessment or can be ordered separately. Call me or schedule your appointment online.




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After 15 years, I no longer have a physical office address. Teaching others in a group at the Southern Institute of Natural Health has been so much more fulfilling. Not only do we learn how to care for ourselves naturally but it creates a sense of community and family. Within the school, you gain much more than you could with a single appointment with me. We study together for several weeks and students have full access to me via phone, email or text. To learn more about my classes please go to the website