Saliva Hormone Testing

Why test your hormone levels?

Finding out your individual hormone levels and ratios to each other eliminates the guesswork of which supplements to take that will make you feel better. Many spent months and even years guessing which supplements to take to alleviate their particular symptoms. Some find the right balance , some never do. Saliva hormone testing eliminates much time spent on guessing.

Saliva hormone test vs. blood

The problem with blood hormone panels is the body strives to maintain the perfect balance. Many glands work together , adjusting certain hormones to maintain others. It is only when your body can no longer compensate for the needed adjustments that blood panels will show an imbalance.

Saliva fluid is perfect for hormone testing as we are finding out. Saliva is in direct response to the body's interior., exterior fluid as well as the blood. This gives a more accurate picture of your body’s true state of balance.

What conditions can be helped by hormone testing?

Female hormones tested are estridol and progesterone. Knowing your body’s ratio can help you choose the correct supplements to correct PMS, irregular cycles, heavy mense, cysts, perimenopause and menopause.

Male hormone s tested are testosterone, estridol and progesterone. As men reach middle age and beyond testosterone levels can begin to diminish. Knowing your ratio between testosterone and estridol can provide answers to diminished libido, prostrate symptoms and a general feeling of “less than your boyish youth”

Environmental xenoestrogens and sugar contribute greatly to the hormone imbalance both male and female clients experience.

In addition to male/female hormones, we provide cortisol and DHEA hormone testing. As a way to monitor adrenal function Cortisol levels are important to maintain muscle integrity, resistance to stress and adjust to keep proper balance in energy production , and weight control issues. Proper levels are also needed to stabilize blood sugar levels and to prevent immune suppression DHEA is an important hormone for estrogen and testosterone. Adequate levels are important for lowering total and LDL cholesterol, reversing immune suppression, stimulates bone deposition which improves/prevents osteoporosis.

Who tests the saliva?
Hormone testing is provided by an F.D.A. certified laboratory, by certified technicians. The entire facility is overseen by a staff of Licensed Medical Doctors.

Due to the various laws throughout the United States concerning laboratory tests, please call or email me to discuss if this particular test is available in your state.


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