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There are many ways to learn new things about natural health today with all of the technology that we have available to us. Throughout my 21 years of learning many aspects of natural healing modalities myself, I hope to give back in my own little way.



Southern Institute of Natural Health (SINH)

I am somewhat partial to SINH as I teach several courses there and have recently taken the position of Executive Director for the school. However, I must say the learning environment is so easy and the courses offered are fabulous. This is a list of some of the courses:

  • Professional Naturopathic Practitioner
  • Master Herbalist
  • Master Iridologist
  • Traditional Naturopath
  • Certified Comprehensive Iridologist
  • RBTI Professional
  • Advanced Iridology
  • Sclerology 101
  • Anatomy & Physiology (IIPA Approved)
  • Natural Family Practitioner
  • Family Herbalist
  • Family Iridologist
  • And Several Individual Elective Courses..

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I offer free webinars to those who want to learn about herbal remedies and natural health in general. This is a very fun online experience, a way to learn how to live life naturally the best that we can. You will be able to get notices of upcoming webinars by subscribing to my blog above. I hope to see you there!



Business and Marketing

Many of you have inquired about starting an "Herbal Health Business". Just because you have a website doesn't mean you will be successful, there are many aspects to running a business. Each group is limited to six participants, as I will work with each of you individually as well as a group.

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Office Address

After 15 years, I no longer have a physical office address. Teaching others in a group at the Southern Institute of Natural Health has been so much more fulfilling. Not only do we learn how to care for ourselves naturally but it creates a sense of community and family. Within the school, you gain much more than you could with a single appointment with me. We study together for several weeks and students have full access to me via phone, email or text. To learn more about my classes please go to the website